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  • Why a product roadmap and accountant feedback are critical in app selection and development

    With so many apps entering the market every day for accountants to use with their clients, how do you make your app stand above the rest? How do you develop an app that accountants and consumers want to use? Matthew Fulton, co-founder and CTO of Parkway Business Solutions, has a set of questions that he […]

  • From an accountant’s perspective: How app developers can solve real business problems

    What makes an app successful? This is the key question for all developers in the QuickBooks ecosystem, so I recently spoke with Brad Celmainis of Brad Celmainis Accounting Solutions to get an accountant’s perspective. He offered some great advice on developing apps for accountants, and he used his favorite QuickBooks Online app as an example […]

  • Why app developers must focus on customer support for accountants

    Have you heard about Intuit’s Design for Delight (D4D)? It’s the idea of falling in love with your customer’s problems, not the solution. I know, seems counterintuitive, but we believe that loving the problem inspires you to find the best—not just the most convenient—solution. There’s more to it, but the takeaway for you as an […]

  • 4 ways app developers can connect with accountants

    So, you’re an app developer who created an awesome app for QuickBooks that solves a major pain point for users. Now, how do you get the word out about your app? Advertising directly to your consumer base, such as through QuickBooks Apps.com, is one way to make it happen. Another key marketing path is to […]

  • How to make your app card work harder for you

    Your app card is the shop window for your app, so it needs to quickly communicate why a prospective customer should download it. At a glance, they should be able to understand not just what it does – but how it will improve their working life. Here’s a good example Make your description highly customer-focussed […]

  • How to create an email to drive app downloads

    Whether you’ve just placed your app on QuickBooks Apps.com or it’s been there for a while and you need to start publicizing it, a launch email to prospective customers can increase views of your app card and drive downloads. To help you create an email that follows proven marketing techniques and best practice, we’ve created […]

  • Make your app more successful through customer reviews

    Customer reviews play a vital role in the marketing of your app. If you ask for reviews and manage them in the right way, your star rating will rise and more new customers will choose to connect. Along the way, you’ll also benefit from useful insight into how your customers use your app and what […]

  • Tips on How to Connect Your App to the Right Customers

    Apps marketing is an essential step in getting your app in front of the right customers. Today, we have some practical tips that can help you with the process. Find out more

  • Keep Your QuickBooks App Card Shiny, Part 2

    Keep Your QuickBooks App Card Shiny, Part 2

    Last month, I shared several tips for keeping your app card up to date as well as some best practices for responding to reviews. This month, we’re going back to the basics: communicating what your app does and how it will improve the life of a small business.

  • Keep Your QuickBooks App Card Shiny

    Keep Your QuickBooks App Card Shiny

    Congrats! Your app’s integration with QuickBooks Online finally launched on the QuickBooks App Store. While you should definitely take a moment to celebrate this accomplishment, there is still work to be done.