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  • Marketing Concierge Program Spotlight: Rewind

    Rewind is participating in the Intuit Marketing Concierge Program. See how the team is driving awareness and adoption of their data backup and recovery app, Rewind Backups.

  • Intuit Marketing Concierge Program Spotlight: Syft Analytics

    The new Marketing Concierge Program from Intuit is giving Syft Analytics access to robust marketing resources for their financial reporting app. Read more.

  • Intuit to acquire Mailchimp

    Editor’s note: The acquisition of Mailchimp was completed on Nov. 1, 2021. Visit the QuickBooks blog for the latest information. Intuit® is acquiring Mailchimp, a leader in customer engagement and marketing automation for small and mid-market businesses. Together after close, Intuit and Mailchimp will offer a powerful customer growth engine that will help small businesses […]

  • Why every company should be doing a Follow Me Home

    Imagine this: The year is 1983. You’re at the mall and just purchased this remarkable new household appliance known as the personal computer. It promises to do things that had previously been relegated to paper, pencil, or clumsy pocket calculators. One of the things these new personal computers excel at is calculations, and you hope […]

  • The top technical podcasts for developers

    Love them or hate them, podcasts are here to stay. On a variety of topics of varying lengths and generally available on-demand, they’re an easy way to stay on top of the latest and greatest in your industry. As a developer, you have your pick of technical podcasts. According to more than 1,400 developers who […]

  • How to justify your social media ad budget to your boss

    Are you part of the marketing team at a startup app company? Perhaps you ARE the team. If so, today’s discussion on why you should budget for social media advertising (and how to justify it to your boss) is for you. Meeting your marketing objectives with social media advertising Using social media to get your […]

  • 5 inexpensive social media strategies to promote your app

    Building a useful solution that integrates with QuickBooks® Online, and reaching an audience of passionate, engaging users, are the top priorities for Intuit Developers. However, once you’ve built it, “will they come?” There are many ways to promote your app, and thanks to social media marketing, you can reach your prospective users without burning through […]

  • Successful app marketing techniques for the centennial generation

    As an app developer, you’re constantly striving to appeal to as many customers as possible, and while you’ve worked hard to capture the attention of millennials, Gen X, and even the boomers, it’s time to figure out how to market to the centennials. Also known as Gen Z, this group currently ranges from 8 to […]

  • How to grow and retain customers by measuring your app’s Net Promoter Score

    Welcome to the second post in a two-part series about the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Our first post explored what NPS is and why it matters to you as a business owner and app developer. In this post, we’ll look further into why it matters in the context of retaining and growing your customer base. […]

  • The importance of creating an intuitive app UI for accountants

    As developers, you know just how busy life is as you pound out the code for your app, and handle a million other tasks each and every day. You also know that accountants and small business folk, the main users of your app, are extremely busy as well. They expect apps to be easy to […]