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Support for VATPayment and CreditCardPayment entities available in API

With the latest API release, we are pleased to introduce new API endpoints to support recording Credit Card Payment transactions and querying VATPayment information.


A few months ago, QuickBooks introduced a new transaction to record a Credit Card balance payment in QuickBooks Online, providing an easy way for users to move money from a bank account to a credit card account.

With the latest release you can now perform the same operation via the API as well.

To create a CreditCardPayment transaction:

Make a POST request, using the API url below


Send the following JSON as body where BankAccountRef represents the bank account used to pay the credit card balance and CreditCardAccountRef represents the credit card account being paid.

CreditCardPayment entity, also supports update, read, query and delete operations. For more information about individual entities or fields, refer to the API Reference.


TAXPayment transaction is used for recording the Tax payment or refunds made to HMRC in the UK or ATO in Australia during a specific period. 

With this release you can now query the payments made via the API as well.

To query a VATPayment transaction:

Make a GET request to the query endpoint using minor version 47

Send the following query in the body


select * from TaxPayment

Alternatively, you can also use the read endpoint to read the


Sample Response:

We have also heard from our early adopters of this API in the UK that having a way to know whether a company is set up for MTD (Making Tax Digital) will be useful along with this API, so they can tailor the user experience depending on the company settings. In order to enable this, we have also updated the Preferences API to include a MTD enabled flag OtherPrefs-> NameValue-> MTDEnabled in our latest API release.

In the future release, we will be updating the API to provide support for delete operation as well as support for webhooks and CDC for the above entities. Stay tuned for more updates.






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