Introducing the TSheets C# .NET Standard SDK

The TSheets team at Intuit has been hard at work building new tools for rapid onboarding to our open REST API. This week, we’re excited to announce our first ever software development kit (SDK) for .NET Standard. This new library will enable C# developers on all platforms to more quickly build time tracking integrations that save customers time and money.

We’d love your feedback! Contact us about special incentives for those who try the SDK and are among the first to contribute back.

What features are provided?

  • Complete API model is implemented, with strongly-typed entities, filters, and exceptions (all JSON schema enforced).
  • Asynchronous (async/await) and synchronous methods, for all API operations.
  • Auto-Paging and Auto-Batching features.
  • Transient error detection, retries, and policy support.
  •  Common logging framework to support a variety of providers (for example, Serilog, log4net, Nlog, etc.).
  • Easy access to TSheets’ “Supplemental Data.”
  • Quick start example code.

How can I get started?

The easiest way to get started is to install the NuGet package. Within Visual Studio, search for “Intuit.TSheets” within the Manage NuGet Packages window, or install it directly using the Package Manager Console:

PM>Install-Package Intuit.TSheets

Reference the following documentation to quickly begin coding:

Alternatively, clone the GitHub repo, open the solution file, and examine the example project.

How can I contribute?

The source code is openly available on GitHub. As a strong supporter of open source at Intuit, we greatly encourage contributions and welcome bugfix and feature requests, as well as PR’s.

Interested in becoming an integration partner?

We’re continually on the lookout for partners to feature on our growing App Marketplace. By developing integrations that merge their applications with TSheets, these partners gain exposure in our ecosystem that drives a greater number of potential customers to both parties. Become a developer partner today, and gain access to our dedicated team that is focused on your success.






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