New App Categories

What is happening? 

As it often does at Intuit, it started with customer feedback. Our QuickBooks customers and our accountants were finding the app category list overwhelming and duplicative. They told us they felt like it would take too long and be too much work to find the right app for them. So we went to work to come up with a new group of categories that would more accurately describe the work customers needed help with.

We conducted extensive user testing with our small businesses, accountants, and also some of you!  We learned that users didn’t know how to easily get apps that would help them run their businesses more efficiently. The team started refining and testing new categories with customers, until we determined we had a set of categories that delivered the best discovery experience. In testing, this list of categories allowed small businesses and accountants to quickly and confidently get the right app for them.

What are the changes?

We have streamlined our categories down to 15. These categories are action based and reflect the work customers are hiring the app to do for them. The categories use verbs like “Manage”, “Prepare”, “Track”, to accurately describe how the app will help the customer.

What are the new categories? 

  1. Track Inventory
  2. Manage Customers
  3. Manage Projects
  4. Prepare Taxes
  5. Track Time
  6. Perform Analytics
  7. Make Payments
  8. Track Expenses
  9. Sync Data
  10. Calculate Quotes
  11. Send Invoices
  12. Receive Payments
  13. Get Funded
  14. Run Payroll
  15. Manage Human Resources

What do you need to do? 

Nothing! We tried to do the hard work for you by updating your app category to the one category we felt was most applicable for your app. Of course, you are the expert, so we suggest you go developer.intuit.com  and review the category we selected for you and, if needed, update to the one you feel best describes your app. The two category maximum still applies to all apps.

When does this change take place? 

The new categories will go into effect on Thursday Match 28th.

And while you are editing your app card, why don’t you make sure and update/add Meta Tags. You can find everything you need to know about Meta Tags in this blog post.



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