Improvements to the QuickBooks Online REST API

Hello developers!

Over the last few years, the Intuit Developer Group has grown to well over 6,000 active applications–with 560+ of them currently listed on QuickBooks App Store. These applications are generating over 1B QuickBooks Online REST API calls per month! If you are one of these developers, then over the last few years, many of you have reported issues, asked for enhancements, and provided valuable feedback on the QuickBooks Online REST API–affectionately known as ‘v3’. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all that valuable feedback and give you an update on the progress we are making on those issues and enhancements.

But first, I’d like to announce that we are on a journey to a new, much more powerful platform–one that enables deep integrations with QuickBooks Online and many other Intuit products. Fittingly, we refer to this platform as ‘v4’.

The journey to QuickBooks Online v4

You may not know this, but Intuit Developer is working hard on bringing a brand new QuickBooks Online API to all of our developers, and we have been working with a handful of companies to help us think about the design and use cases that enable developers to solve important small business problems and extend the capabilities of QuickBooks Online. As with any important journey, we’ve learned a lot on the way, made decisions based on what’s best for our developers and customers, and focused on making our partners successful.

As you may imagine, this presents an interesting challenge to our team–how do we balance creating a new API from the ground up while still ensuring the best possible experience for our existing developers? We had to come up with a plan to refine and improve v3 so that when v4 was ready to go, our users were positioned to hit the ground running.

Fixing the leaky roof while the sun is shining

While we are on that journey to v4, we have to make sure that you, our developers, and your customers, are well cared for on the existing v3 QuickBooks Online REST API platform and APIs. You run your business with Intuit and rely on us to support you. So, what are we doing to improve it? We are becoming obsessed with your success, and have reached out to many of you for your feedback. Here is a summary of what we have been up to:

  • Interviewed hundreds of developers to get their feedback on APIs, tools, docs, and the marketplace.
  • Established a team dedicated to working on the current QuickBooks Online REST API–focusing on the voice of developer. This team’s mission is to work solely on third-party developer-reported issues and enhancements.
  • Created an external Bug Tracker where you can see the status of the current bugs and enhancements.
    • 48 existing v3 QuickBooks Online REST API bugs resolved
    • 4 new feature enhancements added

Something missing? Just ask!

If you feel that something is missing from our APIs, SDKs, tools, or documentation, feel free to reach out to me directly, or anyone else in the Intuit Developer Group. We want to understand your business and how we can better help you in any way. Developer success is our passion, and we’re excited to continue providing you the best experience to grow your business.


Happy Coding!



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7 responses to “Improvements to the QuickBooks Online REST API”

  1. Joe Avatar

    Do you have any early access to the V4 API?

  2. Dirk Avatar

    I know this is a tall order – but I hope you have made it your mission to close the gap between the UI and the API. Every time I have to go back to my users and explain that we just can’t do that (via the API) and they show me the screen shot of how they do it from the UI it results in a terrible experience for everyone involved.

  3. Matt Avatar

    Can you share an expected release date/month/quarter/year, something, for v4? Dirk’s comment +1. Hope v4 has payroll capabilities.

    1. Lisa Rathjens Avatar
      Lisa Rathjens

      Hi Matt, our V4 Payroll APIs are in open beta. Check it out here: https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/qbo/docs/develop/payroll-limited-beta

  4. William Avatar

    Do you have Estimated date of when the v4 will be rolled out?

  5. James Avatar

    How about an update on where you guys are at with v4? It’s been over 6 months since this was originally posted.

  6. accounting Avatar

    Was anything announced at the QB Connect conference last week re. QBO API v4?

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