Expand your small business app's reach by publishing on the QuickBooks Online App Store

From time to time, we encounter an app developer who has integrated their small business-facing application with QuickBooks, but has not taken the next step forward of publishing it on the QuickBooks App Store.  Often, this is because their QuickBooks integration was initially built more as a way to retain current customers rather than as a way to attract new customers.  While we always encourage developers to listen to the voice of the customer so that you can retain these customers longer, we also want you to have the ability to tap into new markets.

Once you’ve published your app on the QuickBooks app store, the app listing describing your integration with QuickBooks Online will appear in three different places, giving you access to 2M+ QuickBooks Online customers and 300K+ ProAdvisors:

  • The QuickBooks Online Accountant Apps tab

If you are interested in listing your app on our channels, there is some pre-work to ensure that your application moves quickly through the publishing process once you submit it.

  1. Choose whether or not you will implement Intuit single sign-on. While implementing SSO does require additional technical work, it provides a more seamless sign-up experience. It’s also required in order for an accountant to connect a client directly to your app from the QBOA Apps tab.
  2. Make sure your app meets the technical requirements. This is the first thing we will test when you submit your app.
  3. Verify that it also meets the security requirements. Once your app passes the technical review, we will kick off the security review.
  4. Fill out your app listing and configure your app settings.
  5. Make sure that the app listing meets the marketing requirements.
  6. Submit your app for review.

Apps that have done their homework can expect to get through the review process in just a few weeks.  

For inspiration, check out these app listings from some of your peers: AutoEntryHubdoc, and Acuity.
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  1. Booker Avatar

    By any chance did this make it to the QuickBooks App store. That actually sounded like a good idea especially for my bookkeeping and accounting business .

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