Small Business is Big Business For Developers at QuickBooks Connect

Are you new to the QuickBooks ecosystem and are curious about of our upcoming conference, QuickBooks Connect? Come and find out how you fit into the ecosystem of millions of small businesses and accountants worldwide. If you’re already a part of our existing developer community and have attended in the past, you’ve felt the energy, you’ve heard the challenges the small business community has, and heard how developers can solve them!

Meet and network with small businesses and accountants:

The small business market is booming and QuickBooks has millions of customers all over the world looking for that perfect app. QuickBooks Connect provides several opportunities for developers and entrepreneurs:

  • Test out your app’s features with a brand new customer base.
  • Get real time feedback on what to build.
  • Discover the unique pain points small businesses and accounting firms experience.

Get your tech on:

We get it, you have a great idea for a small business app but you don’t know where to begin. Or, you have an app but you have some questions on integrating it onto the QuickBooks platform. At QuickBooks Connect, you have our attention! Our top tech experts are standing by to help you regardless where you are in your development cycle.

See Intuit Developer in all its glory:

Think we’re just APIs and docs? Sure, we give good tech, but we’re also there to help make you successful after you’ve published on apps.com. QuickBooks Connect gives developers a front row view (sometimes, literally!) to our amazing programs and activities for developers. From 48 hours of sleepless innovation and fun at our Small Business Hackathon to the thrilling pitches at the App Showdown finale (think  just like Shark Tank but for small businesses!), you’ll be able to see how we provide ways for great apps to come into the light and grow within our community.

Have we convinced you yet? Don’t take our word for it, here’s what Pete Zimek, Founder & CEO of iLS network & novi AMS had to say about the QuickBooks Connect:

“The hackathon, the app showdown, the developer sessions… everything was centered around innovation and passion.  Great job.”

Register now and see why small business is big business for developers.

What: QuickBooks Connect!
When: November 16-17, 2017
Where: San Jose Convention Center

Register now to save 30% — See you there!






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