Webhooks for QuickBooks Online API

Today we are happy to announce that we have added support for additional entities and “void” operation in Webhooks.

Void Operation

The Webhook event for a void operation is sent whenever an entity is voided. The following is the list of entities that support void operation

  • BillPayment
  • CreditMemo
  • Invoice
  • Payment
  • Purchase
  • RefundReceipt
  • SalesReceipt
  • Transfer

Note: Void operations are not automatically enabled for existing apps that have all current webhooks operations selected. To enable it, modify your app’s settings and make sure the Void boxes are checked.

Support for additional Entities

In addition, in this release we have added Webhooks support for the following entities and associated operations.

  • Budget
  • CreditMemo
  • Currency
  • Department
  • Deposit
  • JournalCode
  • JournalEntry
  • PaymentMethod
  • Preferences
  • RefundReceipt
  • TaxAgency
  • Term
  • TimeActivity
  • Transfer
  • VendorCredit

About Webhooks

Webhooks is a push model for data change events that you can use to replace periodic polling. For example, if you want to be notified when a customer’s information changes, configure an endpoint that QuickBooks Online can call for this event with the details of the change. When Webhooks are active, data for the requested event is aggregated and then sent in a periodic notification to your API.

Once you have configured Webhooks, you will receive event notifications for all companies to which your app is connected.  

The complete developer guide for Webhooks can be found here.

Have questions? Please feel free to comment below or in our developer forums.


Vishal Aggarwal
Senior Product Manager, Intuit Developer Group



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