Java SDK for QuickBooks Online is in maven central

We are pleased to announce that our QuickBooks Online Java SDK is now in maven central. You no longer need to manually download the SDK jars and install it in your environment. This has been requested by several of our Java developers and we are happy to make the jars available publicly in maven now.

Follow the steps below to include the SDK in your project:

1. For maven project, add the following dependencies to the pom.xml

<!-- data jar -->

<!-- devkit jar without dependencies-->


2. For gradle project, add the following dependencies to the build.gradle file.



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One response to “Java SDK for QuickBooks Online is in maven central”

  1. Erica Avatar

    I’m not sure what you mean by “without dependencies” but there are, in fact, many dependencies in your jar files — far more than usual. As written your Maven files pulled in a mail jar that broke SMTP for us (fortunately caught in testing) and a logging jar. Some of this stuff should be marked “provided” especially as you are providing a framework destined to be included by other apps,

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