Introducing: Personalized App Recommendations for QuickBooks Online

You’ve built your QuickBooks Online app integration. You’ve published your app on the QuickBooks App Store at apps.com. You have an engaging, targeted app card with a clear message. You’re promoting your app in all the right marketing channels. Still, getting your app in front of the right target market is always a challenge. With the hundreds of apps in the App Store, how do you make sure the right customers for you find and try your app?

Improving App Discovery

Because app discovery is one of the toughest challenges app developers face, the App Store team spent the past months refining a personalized app recommendation engine as the best way to help our Intuit developer base grow their business. This personalized experience is produced in the Apps tab view for every subscriber of QuickBooks Online. (Currently the personalized view is not available in the web version of the App Store, at Apps.com.)

Personalized View of Apps

Within the Apps tab in QuickBooks Online, small business owners and accountants will now find a Personalized Carousel of unique app recommendations that are right for their specific businesses. Each user will be shown a different set of apps based on their profile and usage patterns. At a high level, the following are considered in these personalized app recommendations:

  1. How they described their small business when they installed QuickBooks Online
  2. How they have used and are using QuickBooks Online
  3. What apps other users similar to them are using

Here you see one view of apps for a construction company, Kevin’s Kicks:


With these personalized app recommendations, we now offer a partner-type agnostic carousel with the best apps that are relevant for that specific small business owner or accountant. From our experiments, we’ve seen a 30% increase in conversion for many of our long-tail developers — that’s significant!

Kevin Hwa, product manager for the QuickBooks App Store, recently joined our Friday Morning Hangout to talk about the recommendation engine in more detail.  You can watch the replay here:

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