Intuit Developer is heading to the LAUNCH Hackathon!

This weekend we will be sponsoring the LAUNCH Hackathon, three days of developers taking a break from their normal lives and working on a new project for the hope of fame and glory (and prizes!).

The week long LAUNCH Festival is devoted to helping entrepreneurs get started with their companies, starting with the hackathon. We want to make sure that small businesses’ problems are getting solved with these startups so we are sponsoring a special challenge at the LAUNCH Hackathon for projects that ‘Help a small business save time or money — or both!. Our prize for the best app in this category is a whole Startup Starter Kit that includes:

  • Chrome Industries Messenger Bag
  • iPad mini with keyboard case
  • $50 Apple gift card
  • $100 Amazon gift card
  • 1 year subscription to QuickBooks Online

We want to encourage developers will take this opportunity to use their experience to help our customers, and who knows, maybe the next app you see on QuickBooks Apps.com will be started here!

Last Friday, you might have sat in on our interview with LAUNCH founder Jason Calacanis, where we talked about his history, the upcoming LAUNCH festival and how you might be able to walk away from this (or any) hackathon in first place. You can watch it again below.

Jason also has a whole blog post devoted to helping you win hackathons that you should check out as well. Even if you don’t plan on seeing us this weekend, it is full of great advice for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. We hope to see you this weekend!









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