Getting Started with QuickBooks? Five Insights From Your Fellow App Developers

During QuickBooks Connect 2015, I had the great opportunity to facilitate a panel with four of our existing developers:

We talked about their experiences developing apps that integrate with QuickBooks and what it’s like working with Intuit. Along the way, they had a few nuggets of sage advice for new developers just getting started.

Insight #1:

In this clip, Matt shares how SalesPad set out to solve a real customer pain point:


Insight #2:

Here, Shaun shares how he got started, the importance of iterating on your first idea, and pivoting as you gain customer feedback:


Insight #3:

In this clip, Ben shares some very practical advice (echoed recently by our own Peter Lavelle) on how to build software resilient to failures in other systems:

Insight #4:

Watch as Colin cautions the audience to not keep adding new features early on; first make sure you can do one simple thing really well:


Insight #5:

Finally, hear how Shaun followed one of our top recommended best practices and got in touch with a ProAdvisor to get honest feedback on his application:


Looking for more highlights from QuickBooks Connect 2015? Check out our entire playlist and don’t forget to save your seat for QuickBooks Connect 2016!

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