Tech tips: Top 3 scenarios when you should issue an updateInstitutionLogin call

If you’re using our Financial Data APIs (formerly CAD), there are times you need to use updateInstitutionLogin.

There are three particular scenarios highlighted for making this call.

#1: As a best practice, we recommend calling updateInstitutionLogin with the query parameter “refresh=true” and with no login credentials specified in the request body prior to making any get calls (e.g., getLoginAccounts). This will inform our service to perform a refresh for all accounts associated with a given InstitutionLoginId. This is indicated by scenario 1.

If MFA (multi-factor authentication) is required during the refresh, the MFA questions will be returned in the response. If not, the refresh will be indicated as successful. After that, subsequent “get” calls will not run into account status 185 because the MFA questions are already be presented by the updateInstitutionLogin response for the user to answer.

#2: If your account has an error code 185 (MFA required), you would then need to make an updateInstitutionLogin call with “refresh=true” with no credentials specified in the request body in order to obtain the MFA questions. This is indicated by scenario 2.

#3: If the user needs to update their credentials due to error code 103 (login error – invalid credentials), you need to make a call to updateInstitutionLogin with the new credentials in the request body provided by the user with query parameter set to “refresh=true”. This is indicated by scenario 3. Be mindful that if you specified “refresh=false”, we will only update the credentials without any actual validations.

Check out our latest documentation on updateInstitutionLogin here.

For more details, check out the Financial Data API documentation here.

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