What's New for Developers with Payments APIs

Today we’re very excited to announce that our Payments APIs are out of Beta!

Last October, at our QuickBooks Connect conference, we introduced our new Payments API that enabled tokenization and charging of credit cards. The response to the launch of these APIs was really positive. We also received requests for more capabilities for the APIs.

We’ve heard your feedback, and are introducing new services that will help you build the very best small business apps.

What’s new?

We’ve added three new endpoints to our Payments APIs: echecks, cards, and bank-accounts.

The echecks endpoint enables you to process payments on behalf of a QuickBooks Payments merchant over the ACH network for only 50¢ per transaction. With this new service, you can debit bank accounts, retrieve statuses, and issue refunds. In addition, we have enhanced the tokens endpoint so that you can now tokenize bank accounts.

The cards and bank-accounts endpoints enable you to store cards and bank accounts on file for future payments. You can use these services to create “remember me” experiences for customers so that they don’t have to re-enter payment information every time they visit your application. 

Your move

We’d like to thank you for your feedback and for letting us know how we can help you address your customers’ biggest pain points. We’re eager to see what you build with our newest Payment APIs.

What do you think of the Payments APIs? Share your comments and questions below or on our community forums.

Charles Taira
Product Manager, Payments Platform






2 responses to “What's New for Developers with Payments APIs”

  1. Shawn Kalin Avatar


    We are looking to deploy a large ecommerce integration for Canadian advisors and their clients.

    Can you provide direction on who has implemented these new payment options into Quickbooks and for website embed as well?

    This deployment is mostly for accounting, tax, payroll and some clients own transactions (AR).

    Would be happy to talk with you to clarify.

    Shawn Kalin
    Director – Quickize.com

  2. Charles Taira Avatar


    InvoiceSherpa (http://www.invoicesherpa.com/) has built an integration with our new echecks service. Take a look for some inspiration. If you have any questions on implementation, feel free to post in the Payments API section (https://intuitdeveloper.lc.intuit.com/topics/203-payments-api-rest) of our developer forum.


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