QuickBooks Online V85 Update

Read on to find out what’s new for developers in the latest release of QuickBooks Online.

Employee Entity Payroll Support

  • If you use the Employee entity, you might have come across issues when a company has QuickBooks Payroll enabled. We have improved the integration with Payroll and you can now create and update employees via the V3 API even when Payroll is enabled. 


  • All reports are now available via API regardless of the company SKU. This lets you develop your app without needing to solve for your customers’ companies being on different SKUs.
  • The general ledger report has been enhanced with an optional account_num column that will provide account numbers for each account if enabled in the company settings.

Other improvements and fixes

  • TimeActivity query fix
  • Deposit query fix

For more detail on these updates, see the release notes

What’s next?

For our next release (v86, targeted for the end of May 2015), we’ll be working on:

  • Exposing Payment Method field on Purchase entity *
  • Exposing TxnSource field on transactions *
  • Support for overpayment on Bill Payments
  • Address line format fix
  • Simplified deletion of transactions
  • U.S. multi-currency
  • Support for transaction IDs in reports response
  • Global updates
  • Other fixes and improvements

Important note on a best practice: Payment Method and TxnSource fields already exist in our XSD schema, but currently are not exposed. Please make sure your app is equipped to handle these fields when they become available. As a best practice, if you are using full updates, make sure your app reads the full object and uses that full object during updates to prevent data loss from missing fields. If you are using the SDK, there should not be any issues.






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