What's new for developers in QuickBooks Online V83?

In this post Product Manager Tony Chang shares what’s new for developers with the release of QuickBooks Online V83.

QuickBooks Online V83 was recently released and deployed to all of our customers. You can find a nice overview of what’s in V83 in this YouTube video. Below is a summary of the enhancements and fixes you’ll find in our API and a sneak peak of what to expect next!


The Transfer entity is now available and documented for use. Transfers can be used to record movement of funds made between your accounts. The API mirrors the functionality offered in the QuickBooks Online product.

Voiding Transactions

We heard your requests for the ability to void transactions through the API and we’ve now implemented this for Payments and Sales Receipts, currently for check and cash payment methods. A void is similar to an update operation with a special flag that will result in the transaction being zeroed out and the end user seeing a voided status in QBO.

Linking BillPayments and Bills

Bill objects will now return any BillPayments that have been applied to the bill as linkedTxns. This makes it easier to identify what was applied to the bill for payment.


We’ve enhanced our reports headers with additional information that will flag if a report contains no data, and also inform the accounting standard being used for P&L or Balance Sheet reports.

Other Improvements

  • Fixed querying count of Account objects with metadata filters.
  • Fixed Deposit to handle multiple linkedTxns
  • Allow billable expenses to be linked to invoices
  • Fixed issue with reading TaxAgency

What’s Next?

For the next release (V84), we’ll be working on:

  • Retrieving Estimates as PDFs 
  • Sending Estimates via email
  • Reading and updating Purchase Order custom fields

We’ll also be addressing issues around Deposit and issues around invalid xml responses.

For a complete and detailed list of changes, check out the official release notes.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions! Please post them in our developer forums.







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