Building Apps for Small Business 101

This weekend we’ll be sponsoring the Developer Week 2015 Hackathon and will also be at the conference all next week to answer questions, interact with developers and host a drinkup.

One of the top questions we get from new developers is “What app can I or should I build for small business?”

In this GetApp podcast (video below) I discuss the small business app ecosystem to give developers new to our program a deeper look in what small businesses need and what problems developers can solve.  With 600 million small businesses worldwide, the opportunity to drive their success is huge — so we’re excited to work with developers to discover this potential!

Some tips for developers covered in this video include: 

  • How to identify a small business problem that needs a solution.
  • How cloud and SaaS have created a new opportunities for developers.
  • Why going niche can be an opportunity.

We’ll also be discussing small business app ideas in tomorrow’s Intuit Developer Friday Morning Hangout, please join us!

Audio Only Link: http://pca.st/rhWP







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