Money2020: A Hackathon to Rule Them All

If you weren’t able to attend the Money2020 hackathon earlier this month in Las Vegas, then you missed a lot of exciting and innovative teams working hard to change the world. The event kicked off Friday, Oct. 31 with a party at Club Haze.  My boss would fire me if I posted pictures from that event but you can imagine it was crazy!

Saturday morning the hackathon started. I have to point out that the cool Angel Hack team runs a great hackathon.  With over 400 developers, the space was filled with power cords and WiFi that could actually handle 400 developers. There was no shortage of caffeine to power some code. The Intuit Developer team was excited to be one of the sponsors of the event. Each of the sponsors got 5 minutes to pitch their particular hackathon challenge. I might have gone a little overboard…  what do you think?

After the pitches, the teams wired themselves in and coded throughout the night. The Intuit Developer team continually answered tech support questions, but that was not the only thing that kept us busy. We had some very cool prizes to give away, the coolest were unicorn slippers.

We also raffled off a GoPro 4, but that was less popular than the unicorn slippers. <wink>

So after 25 hours (24+1 hour for the daylight savings time change), the teams pitched and finalists were announced. The finalists that integrated with QuickBooks APIs were:

In Reach – An app that connects small businesses with local consumers. The app integrates with QuickBooks Accounting data to pull in items and inventory data to display in a mobile app to consumers.  From the consumer perspective, they open the app then search for the item they are interested in. The results show items from local small businesses that the consumer can then purchase (using QuickBooks Payments API) and pick up.

HourFlow – Is an application that has a strong focus on contractors. The app is designed to simplify  invoicing, expenses, and accepting payments for contractors. HourFlow integrates with both QuickBooks Accounting API to manage invoicing and QuickBooks Payments API to process payments.

GoPayment+ – Is an integration with a modern payment device reader that will make it easy for small businesses to accept more modern payment methods, such as paying with a phone. 

Not all teams can win so in the end there had to be some voting. The results of the hackathon were amazing.  

InReach won the Intuit challenge prize, which is an all expenses paid trip for the team to fly out to Mountain View and participate in an incubation week at Intuit.

HourFlow won an amazing $20,000 from the competition level award.

On behalf of the Intuit Developer team to all the hackathon teams, congratulations on your hard work.






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