Developers and Accountants: Connecting at QuickBooks Connect

QuickBooks Connect is designed to bring together developers, accountants, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Cathy Iconis, one of the most respected CPAs in the country, is one of the hundreds of accountants who will be there. Recently I had the chance to ask her some questions about why developers and apps are important to her and her work.

Question: As a top QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, why are you coming to QuickBooks Connect?

Cathy: When I heard about QuickBooks Connect, I knew it was a “must attend” event. Not only am I going to learn more about how Intuit affects the accountant’s life, but I also get to see about how Intuit affects everyone in the entire ecosystem. I find it is extremely important to learn about everyone’s perspective so that I can better understand how I can help serve this community better.

Question: Why do you want to meet developers there? What would you like to learn from developers while you’re there?

Cathy: When I talk to developers, I first love to hear their story. I like to understand why their product was developed or what business problem are they hoping to solve. I really want to understand their “why” before I try to learn about how they are doing it. Once I get that understanding, then I like to discuss how their users are experiencing the product and then offer any advice on how the can better serve the users.

Question: Why should developers meet you and other accountants?

Cathy: First of all, accountants aren’t boring or snobby, so it should be easy to strike up a conversation with us. But, more importantly, we care about QuickBooks users as much as the developers do. We are both in business to support small businesses and since we share a common goal, why not interact with us and share ways that we can better all small businesses.

Question: What apps do you use the most?

Cathy: Some of my “go to” Apps are Bill.com and Transaction Pro Importer. Those are systems that really make my job as the accountant easier.

Question: What apps do you wish someone would build to make your life easier?

Cathy: I would love to see more Apps that are industry specific so that businesses can almost have a platform ready to go based on their line of work. I would also like to see some Apps that help the accountants do their job better, like Transaction Pro Importer. TPI not only helps normal users, but it can make life easier for accountants by shortening data entry time.

Question: How can developers help make your business more successful? Your client’s businesses?

Cathy: Developers can help make businesses more successful by always delivering to the user and keeping them in mind. Be prepared to pivot from your initial product goal if you find that the user doesn’t need or understand the product. This is something that all businesses have to do and its the successful ones that can put their egos aside for the betterment of others.

Question: Do you have a wishlist of what kind of apps you’d like to see come out of the $100K Developer Hackathon at QuickBooks Connect?

Cathy: Instead of focusing on the end result, I think the best part of the hackathon will be the ideas that are generated and seeing people collaborating and pushing each other to be better. Don’t you think the world needs more of that than just focusing on the end result?

You can continue this conversation with Cathy Iconis and other accountants at QuickBooks Connect in October. You can also join Cathy at her weekly Twitter chat (hashtag #QBOchat) on Thursdays at 12pm PT / 3pm ET.


Cathy Iconis

CEO and Client Finance Director, Iconis Goup

Cathy Iconis is the CEO and Client Finance Director for Iconis Group, LLC. She founded Iconis Group in 2009 with the desire to help small business owners better understand their numbers and thus make better decisions about their businesses. A CPA with over a decade of experience, Cathy brings a strong foundation in both private and public accounting to benefit Iconis Group clients. Prior to founding the firm, she served as a senior staff accountant with Balfour Beatty Construction, where she was known as the Excel Queen, and as an audit and forensic accountant with Tauber & Balser (now part of Habif, Arogeti & Wynne).

From 2011 to 2013, Cathy served on Intuit’s Accountant and Advisor Customer Council where she contributed her experience and expertise to the company’s ongoing efforts to develop high quality software and services for accounting professionals and small business owners. She is currently a member of the QuickBooks National Advisor Network and is a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, in addition to serving on Intuit’s Trainer Writer National Network. Cathy’s impact on the industry has been recognized by her peers as well as her clients – she is proud to be a three-time recipient of the prestigious CPA Practice Advisors40 Under 40” Award. Cathy is a graduate of Oglethorpe University, where she earned a B.S. in Accounting.






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