Intuit’s Global Small Business Ecosystem Hits Its Stride

If you have been following both Intuit and IPP for the last year, you’ve heard us talk a lot about how we are an open platform focused on being the operating system behind small business success.  Our small business customers and their trusted advisors – accountants – need a variety of solutions from both us and our partners which meet their broad range of needs.

We’ve forged partnerships with companies that sit side by side with our current offerings – Intuit GoPayment and Square. We’ve partnered with local SaaS companies to complete our offerings in new markets – PaySuite in the UK and KeyPay in Australia, both focused on do-it-yourself payroll.  We’ve also acquired talent and technologies critical to growing the QuickBooks business – including Lettuce to bring inventory capabilities directly to QBO. We evaluate opportunities to bring a company into the fold when there are valuable services and talent that will quickly enhance QuickBooks.

The payroll and payments spaces are great examples of what Intuit means when we talk about being an open platform. Even in markets where we have well established solutions, such as our own QuickBooks Payroll and QuickBooks Payments solutions in the U.S., we welcome additional solutions. ZenPayroll and Flint Mobile launched their integrations with QuickBooks Online in June.  We know there are payroll providers outside the U.S. also working on QuickBooks Online integrations: we welcome them to join our platform and complete their offerings.

At the end of the day, our goal is to enable more and more businesses around the world to shift their accounting practices online. We’ll continue to address those needs through our own innovation, through partnerships, and through acquisition.

Avi Golan
VP and GM, Intuit Partner Platform






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