Unicorns, Rainbows, and Services, Oh My!

Last week, the majority of the IPP team attended our annual Create the Offering Forum (CTOF). This is an annual event that includes staff from product development, product management, and experience design across all of our businesses. Our theme this year was services and how they enable us to deliver awesome product experiences, at scale, with agility.

The conference first established a baseline of what services are and why they are important. For those of us in IPP, we were on cloud nine listening to everyone talk about what is embedded in our DNA. We then reviewed the Intuit approach to consuming and producing services before getting hands on with the internal Intuit services portal.

We heard not only from our own leaders, including Scott Cook and Brad Smith, but also from some amazing leaders who forged the way for platforms and services at their own companies – Rick Dalzell, former CIO of Amazon, and Aaron Levie, CEO of Box.

The two days included a celebration of current service builders as well as an innovation challenge gallery walk that allowed internal teams to show off work in progress. We also learned a lot about what it would take to be a service ninja from our CEO, Brad Smith.

If you follow us or any of the Intuit accounts on Twitter, you saw a steady stream of #IntuitCTOF hash tags as we were all encouraged to share our learnings with the rest of the world. The conference wasn’t all work though – we did get to have some fun, including starting our own meme around a gift David Leary received from our corporate communication department. Here’s a shot of some of the IPP crew including myself, David, Ben, Pete, and our VP and GM, Avi Golan. Stay tuned for future adventures of both IPP and the unicorn mug as well as more services.

IPPDev with the Unicorn Mug






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    Looking good IPP team!

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