Migration Details: QuickBooks Online SDK to QuickBooks Online REST API v3

As promised in this post, 2014 Roadmap and Migration Dates for Existing Developers here are the migration details regarding migrating from QuickBooks Online SDK to QuickBooks Online REST API v3.


All developers currently using the QuickBooks Online SDK (aka QBO XML SDK (SOAP)) to access QuickBooks Online company data.

Deadline for completion
05/15/2014 03/15/2014
09/23/2014 – Please read this post.

Benefit of completing the migration
Your app will be able to connect to QuickBooks Online “harmony” companies.

Impact of not completing the migration
Your app will not be able to connect to QuickBooks Online companies.

Migration documentation

QuickBooks Online SDK to QuickBooks Online REST API v3 Migration Guide
Known QuickBooks Online REST API v3 migration issues
(Added 1/29) QuickBooks Online REST API v3 migration FAQ

Actions your customers will need to take
Customers will need to click the “Connect to QuickBooks” button inside your app, and authorize(via OAuth) your app’s access to their QuickBooks Online data. Please see the following documentation for implementation details: Implement OAuth in your App

Migration support
Forum: Migrate QB Online SDK to QB Online REST API v3
Ticket: Request specific migration support

Migration specific webinars
Occurs bi-weekly starting on 1/13/14 – https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/890529585

Migration webinars no longer available. Please use the dev forums.







17 responses to “Migration Details: QuickBooks Online SDK to QuickBooks Online REST API v3”

  1. Jack Charrette Avatar

    It is not clear if QuickBooks Online SDK (aka QBO XML SDK (SOAP)) is the old QBSDK for QB Online. I do know that QBSDK13 does not support QBOE anymore but we have many QBOE programs using QBFC12 and earlier. Please respond if we need to convert our programs by March 15, 2014. This would be a lot of work.

  2. Rajeev Gupta Avatar

    I second – Jack

    Also see forum – https://intuitpartnerplatform.lc.intuit.com/questions/801058-migration-details-quickbooks-online-sdk-to-quickbooks-online-rest-api-v3

    It seems an analysis our many of our customers, it would be a challenge getting them moved over.

    Who can I call to discuss this?

  3. David Leary Avatar

    @Jack – Yes, you will need to migrate to the QuickBooks Online REST API v3

    @Rajeev – I’ve gotten your comments, forum posts, email and voice mail …I’ll setup a meeting to discuss.

  4. Todd Manchester Avatar

    I also agree that the time frame is unrealistic. This will be antagonistic to our mutual customers. Please reconsider the time frame.

  5. Yogini G Avatar

    Hi All,
    I wanted help regarding quickbooks online sdk. I have downloaded the sdkJavav3SDK2.0.3 and using it to fetch the data from particular company. I have used OAuthAuthorizer, DataService, Customer, QueryResult, etc. for it. But on executing the code I am getting following exception:
    “Exception in thread “main” com.intuit.ipp.exception.FMSException: javax.net.ssl.SSLPeerUnverifiedException: peer not authenticated”
    Can please someone put some light on it? I have used the approach given in one of the blogs: Created a dummy app first and then a company with data. Using app id i got the keys and secrets from
    Then tried connecting it through code.

    1. Pearce Avatar

      Yogini, Due to the technical complexity of your question it is best if you post to our live community to get the best answer.

  6. Mitch Kett Avatar

    I’m using the QBO XML SDK to simply integrate with one client’s QBO company. It’s not meant to be a SaaS solution, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for the Intuit App Center. What are my options? According to Intuit, I can’t keep using the QBXML SDK, but I can’t really use the new REST API because it involves publishing an app to the App Center. Help!!!!

  7. David Leary Avatar

    @Mitch, please see the slide, in this post: https://developer.intuit.com/blog/2013/12/19/2014-roadmap-and-migration-dates-for-existing-developers

    You will fall in the 3rd column. You’ll connect via the QuickBooks Online REST API v3 but not go on Apps.com.

  8. Casey Thompson Avatar

    @Mitch & Yogini, If you are still struggling, you may want to consider using a third party developer library that has already done the work implementing OAuth and can handle the HTTP communications for you. For instance, the QuickBooks ADO.NET Provider by http://www.rssbus.com has an implementation for the new QBO V3 API that will handle the OAuth portion and exposes the available Entities and Transactions as if they were tables in a database. It can be used both from Desktop Applications and from Web Applications / Websites.

  9. chrisdroge Avatar

    Is there any way to apply for a SOAP API extension?

  10. David Leary Avatar

    @chrisdroge – I just sent you an email

  11. Neil Britto Avatar

    Is there any way to extend this deadline?

    Thank you David.

  12. AC Chiang Avatar

    It is March 15, 2014 already. Seeing QuickBooks QBO XML server still response requests. Why QuickBooks sent me email to migrate to V3?

  13. David Avatar

    There has been a change to the QuickBooks Online REST API v3 deadlines, please see this post: https://developer.intuit.com/blog/2014/03/14/update-on-quickbooks-online-migrations

  14. torkelsonb Avatar

    How can we test that our changes are working properly without connecting to our production version of QBO?

    1. David Avatar

      @torkelsonb – You can create a test QuickBooks Online instance and get a developer subscription here: https://developer.intuit.com/docs/0025_quickbooksapi/0010_getting_started/0020_connect/create_sample_quickbooks_data

  15. Ryan Lee Avatar

    I would like to follow-up on what Casey posted back in March.
    All RSSBus QuickBooks products now support the new QBO V3 API. Additionally, in order to ease the transition to the new version of QBO, RSSBus is offering everyone 30% off any of our QuickBooks products. To take advantage of this offer, use the promo code “QBO14” when ordering online: http://www.rssbus.com/order/
    This offer expires August 1, 2014.

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