Harmony and you

About 12 weeks ago, at Scaling New Heights, during our developer tech track, we introduced you to the concept of “harmony”. For those of you that were not at our developer track, “harmony” is essentially the unification of our Intuit product experiences. Across products, platforms, and devices.

As you can imagine, this is going to affect you, and your customers. So we want to keep you in the loop with the latest information regarding these exciting changes. As well as, provide some heads up on things you should do on your end to prepare.

The good news is that, as a developer, you have already been using the new “harmonized” experience. Back in May, when we re-launched the developer.intuit.com, the developer site was the first Intuit product to receive the “harmony” experience. Since then, we have also started to roll out the “harmonized” experience to Apps.com. QuickBooks Online is the next product to receive the “harmony” treatment. In fact, about 5% of new QuickBooks Online users are already receiving the “harmony” experience. As you can see:

Get familiar with “harmony”

Read this QuickBooks Online “harmony” Preview blog post from QuickBooks expert, Charlie Russell.

If reading isn’t your thing, watch this training video provided by the Intuit Accountants Team. You can find even more videos here.

Or, if you are more of a hands on person, you can give the new “harmonized” QuickBooks Online a test drive yourself.

Changes you should be aware of

  1. Brand New User Experience – This is the obvious one.
  2. AR/AP improvements – Performance and data optimization refactoring.
  3. Advanced Sales Tax Details – If are using QuickBooks API v2, you’ll only get the basic tax details, just as you do today. If you want to access the new Advanced Sales Tax Details, you’ll need to use QuickBooks API v3
  4. Apps.com has a deeply integrated experience, customers can now browse and sign up for some apps without leaving QuickBooks Online

What you should do

  1. Prepare your support team to support customers that may be either on QuickBooks Online “classic” or QuickBooks Online “harmony”, this may include updating any documentation that you may have. Your support team can test drive the new experience here: QuickBooks Online Test Drive
  2. Test your app against the new “harmony” experience, we don’t for see you having any QuickBooks API integration issues, but as they say, “better safe than sorry”. To create a New QuickBooks Online “harmony” company, Using google chrome, switch to an incognito tab, then sign up for QuickBooks Online. (Note: There is a chance that this method may not work your you. If you do not get a “harmony” experience, please try again.) Open one of these links in an incognito tab in google chrome, or a private tab in firefox: QuickBooks Online Simple StartQuickBooks Online EssentialsQuickBooks Online Plus
  3. Keep your existing QuickBooks Online “classic” companies, because it’ll be a while before your your existing QuickBooks Online customers will be migrated to the “harmony” experience.

What the IPP team is doing

  1. Currently investigating a way to provide you the ability migrate your existing QuickBooks Online “classic” company to a “harmony” experience. Once I find out how, I’ll post a follow up here.
  2. Planning an upcoming webinar to answer your “harmony” related questions. Details coming soon. Details: Thursday, September 26, 2013 10:00am PST – https://intuitcorp.webex.com/intuitcorp/j.php?J=597091671
  3. Creating a roadmap for enabling developers to integrate their solutions into the QuickBooks Online user experience. If you are interesting in providing requests or learning more about the roadmap, please post your comments below.







5 responses to “Harmony and you”

  1. sai sumughi suryanarayanan Avatar

    I have registered my app. I am trying to establish a connection to the QBO using the QBSDK V12.0. When I click on the set up connection, the page is redirecting me to the login page of the QB. Once I enter my login details, the page throws error. Could you please help me fix this issue?

  2. David Leary Avatar

    @Sai, Please attend tomorrow’s webinar, we will be discussing the issue you describe.

  3. Dennis Mueller Avatar

    I was not aware of the webinar and am having a similar problem trying to create a connection ticket on sites with the new Harmony interface. It is giving me a 404 error unless I use a site which is still on the old interface. How do I create a connection ticket for a new site?

  4. Pearce Aurigemma Avatar

    @Dennis There is no way to make the connection to the new Harmony interface. We are working on a plan to address the use case for developers who need a solution. You can listen to the webinar for a little more information here: https://developer.intuit.com/blog/2013/09/30/harmony-informational-webinar

  5. Keith Lafortune Avatar

    Is it possible to setup a trial *Canadian* company for Harmony with a link similar to those posted above? These seem to work only for setting up test US companies.

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