Guidance on managing your customer attrition and billing

We are sharing some guidance here to make sure you don’t incur unnecessary overhead fees when you have customer attrition. As a reminder, Intuit charges developers $5.00 per month for each Connect to QuickBooks (OAuth) connection made. You can read more details on that here.

Customers can stop paying for a variety of reasons including:

  • Customer’s payment method was declined, or just stopped paying you.
  • Customer was only a trial customer and never converted to a paid customer.
  • Customer legitimately cancelled their subscription to your App.

These customers have likely already successfully connected their QuickBooks data, which will result in you (the developer) being charged monthly for each of these connections.

How can you ensure that you are only being charged for connections in which customers are paying you?

  1. Make sure you utilize the Disconnect API. You should be already making this call in the disconnect link you provide in your App.
  2. If you have any self-service cancel/disconnect work-flows in your app, call the above Disconnect API as part of this process.
  3. On a regular interval (weekly), reconcile your paying customers against
    your Connections report. Then either manually disconnect each customer on the report, or create a script which  automatically batches your canceled customers, and then calls the Disconnect API to disconnect each one.

Taking the time to ensure you are following the above guidance will ensure you aren’t unnecessarily utilizing services which are no longer






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