Intuit Partner Platform to Open Financial Data Service APIs to Developers

The Intuit Partner Platform team is excited to announce that we'll be making new APIs available to Intuit’s financial data service on a limited basis in October with wider availability in December. That's right – the same services that power Quicken, QuickBooks, Mint and FinanceWorks will be available to 3rd party developers, creating new opportunities to build the next killer finance apps.

You can find out more details about this new service and sign up to receive advance release notices, invitations to upcoming webcasts and an opportunity to participate in our limited availability launch this fall.

From the official Intuit Press Release:

"Wanted! The Next Killer Finance App

Who will create the next great personal or small business finance application? And what will they invent?

Intuit hopes to answer those questions, and spur innovation, by giving third-party developers access to one of the key ingredients that has made Quicken, QuickBooks, Mint.com and FinanceWorks some of the world's most successful financial management programs. For the first time in its history, Intuit is opening the application programming interfaces, or APIs, to its financial data service in the U.S. and Canada.

By opening these APIs, Intuit is creating a unique opportunity for 3rd party developers to build new and innovative financial solutions that perhaps Intuit hasn't even thought of. This approach also supports Intuit's strategy to open its rich data ecosystem to create value for consumers and small businesses by enabling third-party contributions.

…Opening the APIs to this technology will give consumers and small businesses a broader choice of solutions to share their data with and use. Just as the Intuit Partner Platform already offers third-party developers access to QuickBooks data, this new financial data service will enable third-party technology providers to offer their customers access to their own data from more than 19,000 sources of personal and business banking, brokerage and investment accounts in the U.S and Canada."

The news is being received very well by press/bloggers, as well as the financial and technical community: Some highlights from the coverage around the web:

"What’s the next killer financial app? No one knows for sure, but the smart money is on it being built for platforms with lots of customers and many banking clients…Some of our readers might recall that Facebook kicked offs its meteoric rise by opening its API back in 2007. Intuit is betting that this invitation for third-party developers to build products based on its data management capabilities — something PayPal has already done — will produce some great products." - – BankInnovation.net

"These APIs are the key driver for what SaveUp is about…It's the cornerstone of how our product works.”– - Sammy Shreibati, co-founder and CTO of SaveUp to CIO.

"Mint has around 11 million users now, FinanceWorks (in essence a white label PFM for banks and credit unions) has over 10 million users, and Quicken and Quickbooks has a user base many multitudes above that… so this is a fantastic opportunity for fintech providers to use this data for a host of applications (or to enhance their existing offerings). Alerts, rewards, actionable notifications, loyalty programs, money movement, payment, merchant applications." – – Bradley Lemur, Mechanic Bank in comments section to TechCrunch.

"Intuit joins a growing list of companies that have opened their APIs, to varying degrees, to third-party developers. Facebook (FB) and Twitter are examples, though some companies limit access or attach other conditions. Third-party developers who use Intuit's financial data service will have access to the same data engine that powers Intuit's Mint.com, Quicken, QuickBooks Online and FinanceWorks products as well as financial data from more than 19,000 financial services organizations… Intuit shares were up nearly 1% in afternoon trading Tuesday. The stock is up 14% on the year." – - Investor’s Business Daily

Here's more links to the press release and other articles

You can find out more details about this new service and sign up to receive advance release notices, invitations to upcoming webcasts and an opportunity to participate in our limited availability launch this fall.

Alex Barnett

Group Manager, Intuit Developer Relations






2 responses to “Intuit Partner Platform to Open Financial Data Service APIs to Developers”

  1. Pranaysanghavi Avatar

    Dear Alex,
    Where can I read/see the terms and conditions, privacy policy for the API initiative of Intuit?

  2. Alex Barnett Avatar
    Alex Barnett

    Hi Pranay – you can find them here:
    The “Intuit Data Services: Agg-Cat” ToS is the one related to this service.
    plus, please see: “Intuit Data Stewardship Principles”

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