Announcing IPP 3.6 Release

IPP v3.6 is now live and available for IPP partners.


NEW Intuit Anywhere Policies and Guidelines 

  • As part of the 3.6 release, there are new Intuit Anywhere Policies and Guidelines that all Intuit Anywhere applications will need to conform to prior to publishing to customers (regardless if the app will be listed on App Center). These policies and guidelines were based on usability studies and Intuit best practices.  Please be sure to review and implement the new Intuit Anywhere Policies and Guidelines prior to publishing your Intuit Anywhere application and submitting for the security review.  If you have questions, please contact IPP Support.

There are also some additional improvements to the Platform. 

Platform Enhancements

  • Application Sign-out from 3rd party app has a new function and flow. When your users sign out of your app, you can now also sign them out of Intuit App Center. This only applies to users who sign into your app using their Intuit credentials via OpenID.
  • Updated Authorization page UI – We modified the app authorization page to incorporate feedback based on usability studies.  This modified page makes it more obvious to users that they are connecting their QuickBooks company with a 3rd party app during the subscribe and “Connect to QuickBooks” flow.
  • New First-Run use gleam – A friendly note that fires only once upon completing first time sign-up or connection to a 3rd party app. The goal of the gleam is to introduce the user to the blue-dot benefits.


Software Updates/Fixes

The following updates have been made as part of the 3.6 release:

  • Blue Dot now displays 'Reconnect to QuickBooks' after when oAuth token is invalid
  • First & Last name for QBO users will now be pass from App Center as part of OpenID
  • Publish type of IA apps can be changed, “Listed on App Center” to “Create Intuit Connection” 

Please review the release notes for more information on our IPP v3.6 enhancements.






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