Announcing IPP 3.5 Release

IPP v3.5 is now live and available for IPP partners.


1. Platform Enhancements


As some of you know, IPP recently conducted usability studies on IPP applications and the Intuit Anywhere experience. One of the findings of the usability studies was that the existing Intuit Blue Dot menu icon does not prompt user action; users did not understand that it is a clickable widget to navigate between applications and try/buy new applications. In some cases, people simply thought it was an Intuit banner. As you know, the blue-dot is an integral component of the IPP ecosystem and a important navigational element to users.

To address this issue, we tested several versions of the blue dot during usability and have decided to change the Intuit Blue Dot menu on Federated, Native and Intuit Anywhere applications to the one that tested best.

Here it is:


The image update will require no code change on your side. Also, the dimensions and method of delivery of the blue dot will remain the same so there should be no impact to the layout or rendering of your pages.


Disconnect from “My Apps” is changing in our upcoming 3.5 release for IA applications that are listed in the App Center.  If your IA application is IA and listed on the App Center (or plans to be listed on the App Center), it will require action on your part.

What’s Happening? 

  • When a customer clicks disconnect on their IA application from “My Apps”, IPP will invalidate the oAuth token and redirect the user to the page you have entered in the Disconnect URL field. Note: IPP will continue to send an email to the app developer on file, as is currently the process. 

What do you need to do?

  • Log into the Dev Center (Manage App page) and verify the Disconnect URL you have entered for your app. This URL will be where the user is taken upon clicking “disconnect” from the Intuit App Center. This should be a link that takes the user to a page to reconnect via the “Connect to QuickBooks” button.
  • In order to identify the user on the landing page and perform the necessary clean-up on your side, you should make an OpenID assertion from the Disconnect landing page.
    Note: This is similar to the OpenID interaction between IPP and your app during the subscribe flow from Intuit App Center.


A few notes about the way the Disconnect URL:

  1. It’s a required field.
  2. You have the option to make an OpenID assertion. If you do not, then the user will arrive at your page unauthenticated.
  3. You will continue to receive an email when the user has disconnected the app
  4. IPP Dev Relations will review your disconnect URL
  5. We will be revising the Intuit Anywhere app policies (which include the disconnect user flow) and will continue to communicate to you

2. Software Updates/Fixes

The following updates have been made as part of the 3.5 release:

  • Passing RealmID on app launch – Apps that allow connection to multiple companies will know which profile to load when the user clicks on their app from Intuit Blue-dot
  • Reduced latency on Blue-dot menu load: We’ve made some performance enhancements on our end to help reduce the time it takes the Blue-dot menu to load
  • “Enter Data directly” disabled when unchecked by developer:  Unchecking “Enter data directly” in app set-up will suppress a customer’s ability to “Try with QuickBooks Desktop sample data”  option during federated and native app signup

Please review the release notes for more information on our IPP v3.5 enhancements.






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  1. Phillip Leslie Avatar

    The speed improvements on the Blue Dot Widget are really noticeable – feels much snappier. Thanks.

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