QBO APIs: Out of Beta and full steam ahead!

It has been almost a year since the QuickBooks Online team announced Intuit Data Services for QuickBooks Online (IDS for QBO) as “Out of Beta” quality. Since then, we have strived to further polish our services and have enabled our third-party developers to develop disruptive and awe inspiring apps that help the end users save effort and money while running their businesses. IDS for QBO is now a more robust, secure and feature rich service, thanks to your support and the dedication of the QBO team.

We currently have over 23 QBO Powered Apps available on the Intuit App Center, and the numbers are growing, fast. This has the QBO team very excited and we look forward to working with our partners, within and outside of Intuit, to roll out apps which make day to day functioning easier for small businesses. Here’s a list of the featured 23 apps:

  • AuditMyBooksAnalyzer – Double check QuickBooks for mistakes in minutes!
  • Bill.com for QuickBooks Online – The ONLY paperless bill pay service that works with QuickBooks Online
  • BotBill – Email invoices automatically from QuickBooks and get paid online
  • ExpenseCloud – Online expense management for individuals and companies of all sizes
  • Expensify – Expense reports that don't suck!
  • Frequency Support – Easy Online Helpdesk Solution for Small Business
  • Full State – Online scheduling for businesses who see clients by appointment
  • i99 C-Store Office – Connect your store cash register to QuickBooks Online!
  • Intuit Small Business Scheduler – Allows all of your employees to share the same online calendar.
  • mabbled – Will I get paid?
  • MavenLink – Centralize all your project activity and seamlessly sync with QuickBooks
  • Method CRM – The most customizable CRM built specifically for QuickBooks Online
  • MinuteDock – Track your time quickly and easily online!
  • OneWay Commerce – Instant e-commerce storefront for Facebook that works with QuickBooks
  • Pinnacle Cart eCommerce – Award winning ecommerce system that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks
  • Postcard Services For Use with QuickBooks – Direct mail marketing tools made specifically for QuickBooks users
  • Profit for Staffing – Profit at your fingertips.
  • ProOnGo Expense – From any device you can track, approve and sync expenses with QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Dashboard for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online – Easily access QuickBooks data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online®
  • Quotes – Quick and painless RFQs
  • SOS Inventory – Inventory, manufacturing, and order management for QuickBooks Online.
  • Thrive Retail Store Software – Take the guesswork out of your store’s advertising, marketing and sales.
  • Transaction Pro Importer – Easily import transactions and lists into QuickBooks Online

You can find out more and get these apps here. Like what you see? Wait, there’s more…

The v3 Story…

In the process of maturation as a quality Data Services provider, we have learnt many lessons on how we could make our services more reliable, developer friendly and feature rich. Enter Services V3, the next generation of our service specification.

Our team is working hard and is making great progress at creating a new and improved Data Services framework which is state of the art. Here are some of the improvements we’re currently working:

  • Batch Requests – Send multiple requests in one go.
  • Convergence between QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop- Clients will have a uniform API access across QBO and QBD data services, and this means not having to write and manage two very different code-sets.
  • Globalization – V3 will support Globalization by supporting a Global sales tax model, Multi-byte support, and Multi-currency
  • Better conformity with industry standards –State of the art technology to allow your apps to provide a seamless end-to-end user experience.
  • Revised Query Language – A more comprehensive and flexible query language that will allow your apps to fetch data the way you always wanted – not too much, not too little, just right!
  • Extended functionality – See something in QBO that is not available through services? With the extended functionality that we are continuously rolling out, your apps could give more power to the end users.
  • New Request and Response Formats– The new and improved data format improves on the existing CDM v2 and allows for a more standardized and complete data interchange.
  • And many more upgrades …

With the introduction of Services v3, we are confident that you will be able to create new and exciting applications that integrate with QuickBooks Online with a never before felt ease. In addition to making app development easier, your apps can have extended functionality and will help you leverage data in QuickBooks Online to develop the next “rock star app”.

We would like to invite you to check out the new Services V3 specifications draft. This draft will give you all the information you need to get prepared for the next generation of awesome QBO powered apps.

We’d also like to know your thoughts and comments on the new specifications. Please take some time to fill out this brief survey. It will help us address your concerns and improve on the specifications.

We look forward to partnering with you.






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