Deadline Extended: Apply NOW to participate in Intuit's Entrepreneur Day!

Apply by this Thursday, September 15th to particiapte in Intuit's third Entrepreneur Day happening on October 6, 2011 at Intuit’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

This event is a chance to meet Intuit leaders and pitch your ideas and products to different business organizations.  The potential rewards for entrepreneurs with ideas that fit Intuit’s strategy are many: Access to our brands, large customer base, product lines, developer ecosystem and marketing and distribution channels. Combining these assets with innovative new ideas can have a tremendous impact on a partners’ growth.  A short-term partnership could even turn into a long-term working relationship!

Apply to participate by Thursday September 15th

What’s the structure of Entrepreneur Day on October 6th?

  1. Lunch discussion about Intuit’s developer platforms hosted by IPP
  2. Q&A with Intuit founder and CTO
  3. 30-minute strategy discussion with leaders of Intuit’s business units
  4. Four 25-minute “speed dates” where entrepreneurs pitch their idea to Intuit leaders and get immediate feedback
  5. Cocktail reception and demos from attending companies

What have previous attendees said about Entrepreneur Day?

“The entire process was well thought-out and we felt treated very specially by Intuit. It gave a small start-up the feeling that Intuit was very considered in its approach to courting us, that it wasn’t just a thrown together, random affair by a small group of people. Rather, one walked away with the feeling that the very top of the organization is committed to opening up Intuit to new ideas from small companies. Regardless of what comes of it, Intuit impressed!”






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