Live Blog from the Intuit App Showcase (Part VI)

Profitably takes the stage to kick off the final wave of three demos.  Profitably positions themselves as a new generation of business modeling and forecasting tools.  They contrast all of the passion and energy of starting a business, describing it as a driving force of nature, with slogging through Excel as a business planning tool. Profitably keeps it simple with its intuitive drag-and-drop interface.  Their customers tell them it doesn't behave like a web app or like a spreadsheet, it feels like the future.  They're trying to take smart lessons from big enterprise solutions (read expensive) and make them accessible to small businesses. 

SOS Inventory is up next, offering inventory, manufacturing and order management fully integrated with QuickBooks Online.  If you're a product based and manufacturing companies, they built this app for you.  All of the forms are pre-filled, reducing the risk of error and saving time.  The inventory section looks robust, allowing you track inventory by a variety of attributes.  Invoices are generated with the click of a mouse.  SOS Inventory fills in functionality that QuickBook Online, as a mass market product, just doesn't offer. 

PinnacleCart is a complete shopping solution that allows merchants with no technical experience to sell online.  PinnacleCart enables small businesses to automate to scale their ecommerce rather than default to expanding staff and increasing expenses.  The app offers over 600 features, including some interesting SEO tools.  PinnacleCart comes with Facebook and mobile storefronts, enabled with social hooks to enable "Likes" and tweets.  Amazingly, in the time it took for the pitch, one of the team created a storefront.

This has been an amazing line-up today.  Now, it's time for judging!  We'll be back in a little while with the winners.






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  1. Craig Avatar

    Great Show! Thanks to the entire Intuit team and everyone at the conference. Looking forward to next year!

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