Live Blog from the Intuit App Showcase (Part II)

And we're back . . .

FrequencySupport is on stage, promising easy online help desk solution for small business.  Since the app is integrated with QuickBooks, you can see a customer's purchase history with company.  It's as easy to use as email with its one-screen design.  You can just sit down and get started.  FrequencySupport is also priced for small businesses at $49 per month versus other enterprise solutions that might cost upwards of $300.  We like that since the app isn't priced per individual user, a small business can get everyone involved in support and stay close to the customer.  Look for a knowledge base to come.

PostcardServices is up.  These guys make direct mail and campaign analysis easy.  Step One: import your address list from QuickBooks.  Step Two:  Use the design dashboard to upload images and logo.  Step Three:  Magic happens!  A number of completed postcard designs appear.  Pick one, check out and be done. The postcards are automatically printed and mailed.  Not enough for you?  Postcard Services also has analytics capabilities, demonstrating campaign ROI and allowing a user explore what-if scenarios to see how to grow ROI even more.  Nice, high energy presentation too!

ExpenseWatch.com has taken the stage.  The promise from these fellows is getting visibility and control of spending.  It's a drag and drop approach to creating expense reports, with email notification for expense approval, record and payment capability through QuickBooks.  Purchase reqs and payable invoices also flow into this system so a business can get a total view and control of spending.  Our VC panel likes the compliance angle here.  We like that there's a mobile app as well. 

Office Ant is getting started, showing a pretty cute ant as their app logo.  Office Ant allows a business to set up a customer portal, enabling acustomer to securely sign up for an account on a business's website and get support.  The customer can see an overview of all their transactions with the company and drill down for details.  If a customer has a question about an invoice, they can file a support request right there.  Office Ant allows customers to pay bills in the account space as well.  The support side offers FAQs, a community forum for additional support.  The business gets a dashboard to manage all of this as well as visibility to manage the richness and insight that comes from customer conversation.

Corelytics is on stage, starting off by sharing a audio customer testamonial.  It's impressive to hear a CEO talk about avoiding a train wreck in her business with this app.  They've taken a simple stoplight (green, yellow, red) approach to financial dashboard measures so it's quite clear where a business leader needs to focus.  Corelytics has industry benchmarks displayed for each measure too.  The app provides a forecast range for each of the measures.  Once a business leader sets a goal, Corelytics gives them tools to answer how they're doing and manage their business better.  This app is simple at the dashboard level but really has analytic depth.  At $69 per month per company, as one of our VCs said "it's a deal!"

While we take a lunch break, check out these apps and more at appcenter.intuit.com






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