App Center Applications – What do Customers Want?

Developing an App Center application on the Intuit Partner Platform represents a unique and powerful business opportunity to sell your application to millions of QuickBooks users. As a developer, you may have the ability to build an app; however, the challenge sometimes lives in figuring out exactly what kind of application to build, identifying the customer opportunity or finding the app gaps.

Here’s some information to help get you started.

  1. Check out our Intuit Customer Data on the IPP Developer Center. We’ve listed some valuable information for our developers that gives customer identity information by product and industry segment and also by the types of applications our customers are looking for. If you're an IPP/IDN registered developer you'll want to make sure you're logged in so you can see all of the data. 
  2. Review this list of applications the developer relations team knows customers are looking for when they visit App Center. Some we may already have on App Center and some may still be gaps (review #3 to identify app gaps).
    • Customer / Contact Management:  Customer management, sales cyle/leads, marketing integration
    • Reporting:  Custom Reporting, Business Reporting, Business Planning, Financial Forecasting
    • Warehouse / Distribution: Inventory, EDI, Barcoding/Labels, Shipping
    • Manufacturing: ERP/MRP, Quoting
    • Construction: Estimating, Bidding, Job Tracking, Project Management and Resource Allocation, Government Contract Management
    • Retail: Webstore, ECommerce, Inventory Sync, Shopping Cart Integration, Commissions
    • Professional Services: Time Cards, Time Tracking, Billing/Invoicing, Accounts Receivable Management, Scheduling, Expenses, Collaboration, Employee Management
    • Field Services Management: GPS, Dispatch, Route Optimization, Inventory, Job Tracking, Service Agreements, Credit Card Processing, Equipment Tracking, Equipment Management/Maintenance
    • Non-Profit: Membership Management, Fund Accounting, Donation Tracking, Event Planning
    • Data Import / Export / Sync
    • Property Management & Real Estate: Online Reservations, Field Services/Dispatch, Scheduling, Work Orders, Commissions
  3. Check out Intuit App Center and identify the app gaps. Now that you know a little bit more about the QuickBooks customers and more about what they need, check out Intuit App Center and see what’s missing.  It’s also important to remember that multiple applications in the same space can co-exist (even if one of those applications has been built by Intuit.)
  4. Get your app on App Center and start selling it to millions of QuickBooks users! Get started building your IPP Application today by visiting the IPP Developer Center!  You can choose to Build Natively on the Platform or Federate your existing SaaS application.  

See you on App Center!






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