Sleeter Group: What is the IPP and how does it compare to the QuickBook SDK?


The Sleeter Group has published an interesting blog post (by Chuck Vigeant) comparing the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) and the "traditional" QuickBooks SDK. We liked what Chuck had to say…here's a snippet: 

"[IPP] contains tools for database creation, programming, billing, usage metering, licensing procurement, security mechanisms, and even creates a listing for the product that can be accessed directly from within QuickBooks.  In the desktop world, this would be paramount to nirvana.

I have sat in several roadmap meetings, and my first notion is that they have learned from their experiences in the SDK implementation, and have provided a top notch environment for developers create a sellable application in a short timeline. In fact, using the IPP platform and tools, a developer can bring an application to market in weeks, instead of months."

Nice! Now, go and read the whole article

Also, I'll be at this year's Sleeter Conference (Nov 9-12, Orlando) – so if you are planning to be there too, say hello!






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