Announcing code.intuit.com – IPP Open Source Community

This morning we are announcing a new open source community for developers
interested in creating connected online applications for small businesses. The
community, at code.intuit.com, lets
developers work with Intuit and each other to build better Software-as-a-Service
(SaaS) applications that solve important small business problems via the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP).


A few weeks ago we announced IPP’s Federated
capability to provide developers the ability to write
applications using any programming language, host them on any on cloud
infrastructure, connect them to the Intuit Partner Platform and market them to
millions of Intuit’s small business customers.

code.intuit.com is next step to
developing an open small business ecosystem and we believe that by adopting the
open source model for the Intuit Partner Platform, we’re enabling developers to
collaborate with us to enhance their applications and the platform and Small
businesses will benefit from a better SaaS experience with Web applications that
work together and solve real business needs.

About code.intuit.com

code.intuit.com has been in open beta
for a couple of months now and many more months in development. Now out of beta,
the site hosts and provides early access to code, toolkits and documentation for
the Intuit Partner Platform.

The initial Intuit-sponsored open source projects are designed to expand a
shared infrastructure to make it easier for developers to integrate their
applications with the Intuit Partner Platform. In the future, Intuit will
sponsor additional projects and encourage involved developers and organizations
to create and run their own Intuit Partner Platform-related projects.

The initial Intuit-sponsored projects under Common Public License

IPP Developer
: Language-binding libraries and sample code for the Intuit Partner
Platform. The toolkits under development include Java, J2ME, Ruby, .Net, iPhone™
and others.

IPP Federated
: Working and sample code for Federated authentication for the
Intuit Partner Platform using SAML.

Princeussie for
: Adobe® Flex® components which extend the
existing Intuit Partner Platform Kingussie frameworks.

IPP Deployer:
Maven and Ant tools for deploying Intuit Workplace applications. This project is
in incubation.

Third-party developers are currently contributing code to the community.
VerticalResponse has provided a sample Ruby SAML gateway that enables
authentication between IPP and their application, VerticalResponse for Intuit

Alan Keller, vice president of business development at VerticalResponse
provided us with the following quote over email:

“Contributing our gateway code serves two purposes. First it will help
other developers integrate their applications with Intuit’s platform and bring
more users to it. In addition, we expect to benefit from future code
contributions the community will provide.

Everyone benefits here – developers and customers alike. We’re all working
hard to develop great small business apps, and sharing code with Intuit’s
developers and others can dramatically speed up development of additional
features and enhancements to our offerings. And in the end, that really benefits
the customer.”

Advisory Board Selected

As part of our learning and development of code.intuit.com, we’ve been engaged with
leading open source experts and community members. We’re very happy to say that
four of these leaders have accepted our invitation to serve as the advisory
board for code.intuit.com. They are:

  • Jay Sullivan, vice president of mobile at Mozilla.
  • Michael Coté, analyst at Redmonk.
  • C. Michael Pilato, technical lead for CollabNet’s Version Control team and
    leader in the Subversion community.
  • Jason van Zyl, founder and CTO of Sonatype and one of the founders of the
    Apache Maven project.

We’d like to thank them for their valuable time and input contributed so far
and look forward to their ongoing guidance throughout the community’s

IPP CloudJam, Also Announced 🙂

Since we announced IPP Federated Applications, we’ve had an enormous level of
interest from developers wanting to reach the small business market by tapping
into our platform. So we are also announcing an event, IPP CloudJam (Aug. 11 – 13 at
the company’s Mountain View, Calif. Headquarters), to encourage third-party
developers to collaborate with Intuit on a number of open source projects and
speed up their efforts to add their own applications to the platform. This is a
great opportunity for us to meet with and collaborate with our growing IPP
developer community. You can learn more about the IPP CloudJam here.

Links and Resources

The Intuit Partner Platform team is very excited with the overall progress
we’re making and open direction we’re heading in…we look forward to your
participation and feedback.

On behalf of the Intuit Partner Platform team,

Alex Barnett
Group Manager, Developer Relations, Intuit.






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