Now Available: IPP V1.2

IPP version 1.2 is now available. It contains several significant developer productivity enhancements. We’ve made additional changes to address known issues.


Deploy application updates that include schema changes

Developers can now publish application updates that include database schema changes, including new tables, fields, relationships, roles, etc. as long as the change preserves existing user data. The Intuit Partner Platform Flex SDK Plug-in Tools have also been updated to include enhancements that help development teams manage different database schema versions, test application upgrades that involve schema changes, and automatically publish application updates to all subscribers.

Learn more about these schema update capabilities.

Support for application-specific beta programs

Developers who want to market test their applications before commercially releasing them may now create “beta plans.” Beta plans are application entitlements that allow users to use applications for free for a fixed period of time. Beta plans allow developers to specify the number of users who can share a particular beta program subscription and a specific target date when the Beta period will end. Once the beta program ends, application subscribers are prompted to select a pricing plan so they can continue to use the application.

Follow this link for more information on defining application-specific beta programs.

Additional reports: settlement failures and beta plan tracking

The Settlement Failures Report presents a list of application subscribers (and their contact info) for whom the IPP Billing service could not collect the monthly subscription fee. This information helps developers work through collection issues with their subscribers.

The Developer Free Trial Usage report has been extended to list subscribers who have signed up for beta programs as well as free trials. The report includes user contact information along with the dates upon which each subscriber‘s beta plan or free trial will expire.

Click here for more information on these additional developer reporting capabilities.


For the complete list of software updates and fixes included in IPP v1.2, please review the release notes located here.


—The Intuit Partner Platform Team






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